Children's Backpack & Rucksacks

A Backpack or for a child is much more than a practical item. It is a statement, an accessory that shows a child's personality.  We know they are more than a fashion accessory, so as well as looking good, our range is practical enough and tough enough to last the test of daily school/nursery life.

Our range of Children's backpack & rucksacks will help you look for the ideal school bag whether it is something cute or cool for those days at school, preschool, nursery or day-care.

Personalised Children's Backpack & Personalised Rucksacks

Our range of personalised children's backpacks and personalised children's rucksacks means that you child stands out with a truly unique bag that can not be missed. Personalised bags also have the added bonus of not getting mixed up with other children's belongings and reduces the chances of bags being mislaid.