Miffy Dolls & Toys


Miffy was created by Dick Bruna during a family holiday, where Dick Bruna would tell his eldest son stories about a little white bunny who played in the garden of their holiday home.

Miffy Books detailing Miffy’s adventures have sold over 85 million copies worldwide and spawned TV shows and a movie.

Our Corduroy Miffy Dolls celebrate the joy that Miffy has been bringing children for the last 65 years, and these adorable miffy dolls make the perfect gift for any fan of Miffy or Miffy books

Why is Miffy called Miffy

Miffy's original name is, Nijntje, which is a shortening of konijntje, meaning "little rabbit". Nijntje is difficult to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers and because there are so many different words for "bunny" in other languages, Dick Bruna's little bunny is simply known as Miffy.